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We LOVE helping others help our planet’s environment. We are a team of three good friends working in an art studio in Essex (located somewhere between Colchester and Chelmsford) and have developed this blog purely so that we can share our tips and ideas about recycling and taking care of the environment. 🙂

It should also be a cathartic project and allow us to cool off after long days at work and long weekends running errands at home! Lol. 😀


We design logos and websites during the day, and by night, we are out and about attending meetings arranged by the Green Party and attending lectures on the environment. It’s fantastic stuff and we really see the benefit of other people getting equally involved.

We do understand though that lots of people today would really love to help out in little ways without a huge investment of time and / or cash, which is why we created this online blog – to share our knowledge and ideas about how the environment may be helped from the comfort of your own home :D.


So just to get started with the very, very basic of basics, below are a handful of ways that you can really help the environment without leaving your home:

  • You can make sure to make the very most out of your blue recycling bins by throwing in anything that you know can be recycled. Whatever is not recycled and taken away by the bin men WILL end up shortly in landfill and that is extremely bad for our planet!
  • Have a look on the back of any packet /packaging to see whether or not it is possible to recycled the whole thing or just parts (sometimes it’s only caps that may be recycled, for example).
  • You can throw any green waste into your green bin and this will also get recycled. Remember that the very same goes for any other kind of waste – if it is not placed into a green or blue bin, it will go into landfill.
  • REUSE, REUSE, REUSE and did we just mention that you should be reusing as much as possible? Reusing items of all kinds is wonderful and lots of help for the environment, it also helps to save lots and lots of cash each month!! Our next post will be on some fab ideas on how to make the most out of items you think you no longer have any use for and are tempted to discard. Keep a look out for it!

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