Reusing As Much Stuff As Possible!


So in our very first post in this brand new and gorgeous blog of ours, we spoke about how you can help the planet by reusing lots of different items that you thin should be thrown away. Stop! We can help you with some great recycling ideas!

  • Plastic bottles – don’t just use them once and then throw them away! This is criminal in today’s world! Just refill them with tap water afterwards OR buy a water filter and fill up with more filtered water. Clean your bottle now and again with some mild dish washing soap and reuse! Ta-da! Free and planet friendly.
  • Carrier bags – so now most shops charge, there is even more of an incentive to reuse carrier bags! Each and every time that you visit a store to buy food etc, just take a few large, sturdy bags that you bought for 10-20p from Tescos etc. These bags are very strong and last for weeks / months on end! Never forget them. 🙂

  • Reusing gift bags – reuse those gift bags you receive and then typically discard or recycle. Put a gift in and give to another friend!
  • Reusing wrapping paper – why not – and you’ll save some money! Lol! We’ve all done it before at some point anyway. Might as well make it a habit – a good habit.
  • Don’t throw furniture etc out – list it for free on Gumtree for example and have someone come by and collect it! Chances are that they will make good use out of it and you’ll be doing your part to help others too!
  • Make art out of your rubbish / items you don’t need anymore. This is a particularly amazing way to recycle.
  • If you can think of anything else (the list is virtually endless, if not actually endless, get in touch and let us know!).




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